Care and attention

    PWC Care provide respite and daycare as well as permanent residential care for our residents. We give our residents a secure, friendly and homely environment in which to live. Their care and comfort are of utmost importance to us. Our carers are trained to preserve and maintain the dignity and privacy of all residents in a warm caring atmosphere and are sensitive to any changes in their needs. Our residents are encouraged to participate in the development of their care and the involvement of family and friends is greatly valued.  
    This philosophy is achieved through programmes of activity designed to encourage mental alertness, self esteem, social interaction with other residents and with recognition of the core values which are fundamental to the philosophy of our care.  
    Both homes hold parts one and two of the East Riding Of Yorkshire Council's Quality Development Scheme (QDS), although the council is withdrawing this scheme in favour of the nationally accepted AQUAA Standard. Nevertheless the standard of care provided at our homes is recognised as being better than good.  
With over fifteen years of experience PWC Care pride ourselves on the high standard of professional service offered to our residents. We are happy to accept residents for long term (residential), short term (respite) and daily visits (daycare). Our aim is to make the latter years of our residents lives as happy and satisfying as possible and our staff give time and care as they would expect for themselves or their own family.
PWC Care have developed our respite care package to give relatives a "break" from caring whilst being safe in the knowledge that their loved one is being looked after by a team of dedicated carers. We recommend that relatives, together with their loved one if possible, come and have a look at our homes to see if we are able to accommodate their needs. A member of the management team will be on hand to assist with this assessment. All of our respite rooms are single occupancy.

Our charges

In the homes operated by the PWC Care group we charge the same rate whether the person is staying with us for respite (a period of rest usually 1 or 2 weeks) or long term care. We believe that the facilities at our homes are shared by all those who stay with us and we do not make different charges based on your funding needs Self funding - where the whole of the fees are paid by the person coming into the home or Council funded - where the council pay the remainder of the fees after taking a set amount from the person who is resident in the home (usually all pensions are taken into account and a small personal allowance left, around 23.50 per week).

The East Riding of Yorkshire Council Social Services department currently specifies the amount payable for 24 hour care in a residential home for the period from 10 April 2017 to 08 April 2018 as follows:

  Dependent Elderly Residential (DER)   447.09   Per week      
  DEN Residential   506.59   Per week      

The PWC Care group (including Oak Tree Residential Care & Thorn Hall Residential Care)




A third party top-up is where the home asks for more money to provide the service. According to the National Care Standards this cannot be requested from the resident themselves therefore family, friends, charities or if an insurance policy is in place can be asked to contribute this amount.

When your relative is placed in a care home this is a very important aspect that should be considered. Further information is available from Care Aware (the residents advocacy service we subscribe to for their benefit), Age Concern or there are other advocacy services available.

*   to live a fulfilling life  
*   to be treated with dignity and as an individual  
*   to have personal privacy for oneself, their belongings and their affairs  
*   to do things at their own pace and when they want to do them  
*   to perform any activity they feel capable of doing  
*   to have their cultural, religious and sexual needs respected  
*   to be free to make contact with the outside world  
*   to associate with others and build relationships  
*   to have access to the facilities and services of the community  
*   to take any risks implied by these rights without being necessarily restricted  
*   to be consulted and involved in their personal care and to be given the daily care  
    care appropriate to their needs  
*   not to be forced to do anything against their will  
*   to have regular and unrestricted access to relatives or friends resident at the home  
*   to be involved in the planning and delivery of care for their loved one  
*   to be listened to by carers and management

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